October 16, 2014 Meeting

Bob Strobel called the meeting to order at 6:05p.m.

Present, Bob Strobel, Sparky, Jo Jo Schultz, Brian Littleton, Yvonne and Diggs Lewis, Kennis Lutz and Tiphany Gayhart.

Tiphany motioned to approve minutes from last meeting on September 11, 2014. Yvonne seconded. All in favor, motion passed.

New Business – Tanya resigned as Treasurer. Strobel proposed that the current bookkeeping be done by Clair and Bob Strobal till a new Treasurer is elected. The new treasurer will need to be able to come to all the TOR meetings, read the financials and know quick books.

The club needs to submit the member’s list to the WSSA ASAP! Everyone will be updated with their membership and receive the Wrangler. The members need to submit pictures to Bob Strobal for the web site and also to the Wrangler. Also any member that is interested in writing articles on the Top of the Rockies events and rides would be much appreciated:-0) PLEASE STEP UP. We need everyone to participate and help with getting the club off to a successful year.

Old Business – New web site is up. Still tweaking. Need pictures and articles from members please. Dan Adams said the club could use any of his awesome pictures too.

We need to get engaged with our community and get new business and family members.

Calendar of events – We need to get out our calendar of events! Need posted in the Wrangler, on the web site and Town of Alpines site. The Alpine Jubilee is February 20 – 22. The club needs to decide on what events they want to put on during this time. A poker run, Snow rodeo?? Need members to help with. Also the TOR needs to have a booth and members to help man.

Sparky working on putting together dates for a club ride once a month starting middle or end of December. Yvonne is checking with the other clubs on dates of their poker run and scheduling a poker run for TOR.

The Top of The Rockies Will start meeting on a regular schedule starting November 2014, on every second Thursday of the month at the Town Hall Alpine WY at 6:00pm.

Need to come up with a NEW TOP OF THE ROCKIES logo and also get stickers made. Kennis is going to talk to Melinda Rimmi and see if she will help/donate set up fee/logo work?

Need to set a date for a Club membership drive PARTY. Invite ALL the business’s, make special invitations and hand deliver. JO JO will help deliver:-0)

Club Christmas party set for December 6th, at the Flying Saddle. Cocktails and appetizers.

Need to schedule a ride to include a picnic – campfire either at McCain meadows or Blind Bull.

Sparky will be going on at least one ride a week as soon as snow is accommodating everyone is welcome to come.

Diggs mentioned that Grant and Lara Gertch we’re interested in joining the club again:-0) As past members they were very helpful and participated with putting on club events. Need to get them a membership application! Need updated membership applications on the web site and also printed out so members can pick up at the next meeting to hand out to potential members. MEMBERSHIP DRIVE, very important!

Club needs to put their calendar of events together at the next meeting so they can be printed in the Wrangler for ALL to see. Also need to get flyers/posters out advertising the club and joining up!

Top of The Rockies members need to participate in other clubs events /poker rides.

Kennis motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:05pm. Jo Jo second. All in favor.

Meeting adjourned 7:05pm. Next meeting November 13, 6:00pm at the Town of Alpine Town Hall.

See you there!

Respectfully submitted by;

Tiphany Gayhart