Next Meeting Jan 8, 2015 – 6pm – Alpine Town Hall


Old Business:
– Jubilee Update
– New Logo Update
– Safety Shelter Update
– Jan 17 ride plan of action
– 2012-2013-2014 Tax Return
– Check Sent to WSSA
– Bills Sent to Members and Sponsors

New Business:
– Poker Ride Plan & Details
– Website Out of Pocket Costs and Payment

Treasure Report

End meeting


December 11th Meeting Minutes

Bob Strobel called the meeting to order 6:02p.m.

Present; Bob Strobel, Sparky Schultz, Don Goetz, Sandy Murray, Larry and melody Rosenwinkle, Kennis Lutz, Tiphany Gayhart, Melinda Rimini, and Brian Parks.

Bob Strobel read minutes from last meeting. Tiphany motioned to approve, Sparky second. All in favor, motion passed.

Old Business; Jubilee update; Bob, Kennis & Tiphany went to the last Jubilee meeting. TOR club agreed to put on 4 events. Melody Rosenwinkle the Chairperson of the Jubilee needs to know what event to check on Insurance. The 4 events are; Snow Rodeo, Blind Man race, Barrel Race and Kitty Cat race. TOR would like to also do a Poker Run, but at this time not enough man power to hold all events. All these events are ‘Low Speed, no jumps. Lots of family fun! The Jubilee will have prizes along with TOR getting possibly getting trophies/plaques.

Kennis suggested that the club work on putting together a TOR/Jubilee committee to be in charge of getting the 4 events together that TOR is putting on for the Jubilee this upcoming February 2015.

New member, Welcome Brian Parks! – Asked club how TOR feels about the current trail access. Brian is also a member of the Rock Springs Sweet Water Snow Pokes.
Everyone agrees that we as a club need to keep active with keeping all current trails opened and looking into the possibility of opening/re-opening other trails in the area.

Strobel – TOR needs new updated logo… Melinda Rimini brought several copies of old logo’s the club has had in past. Brian Littleton input, needs an updated snowmobile and Top Of Rockies, Strobel wants clean and simple. Melinda will work on taking into consideration the clubs comments and bring DRAFTs to look at next meeting.
Melinda needs to put together cost/compensation and if there is any room for donations towards the artwork/time.

Update on Barbeque sled – Brian Little donated the sled, THANK YOU Brian! Don has put barbeque and sled together! Ready to go on TOR club ride and cook burgers and dogs!! Awesome Job Goetz, THANK YOU! Total cost $200.00.

Safety Shelter update – Corky absent, but sent correspondence to Strobel he received Bridger Teton National Forest. F.S very open to helping with 50% of costs. Need to decide the best location to place shelter. Looking at getting in place for next years ridding season. Corral Creek, Murphy Creek, McCain Meadows, somewhere up Little Greys are all possibilities.

Brain Littleton – Brought up who is going to maintain these shelters? Will need firewood and cleaned up/trash removed. Currently there’s not enough manpower? The F. S. will not help. Doesn’t see how TOR can pay for ½ the cost of building the shelter. Cost approximately $10,000.00.

Kennis brought up the possibility that if TOR maintains/ cleans the current cabin at McCain Meadows and up by Murphy, maybe they would leave open for warming huts/safety shelters in the winter.

The Dec 13, club ride has been postponed till further notice and better snow conditions. Shooting for Dec 20th.

New Business- Strobel read new members that joined at the Christmas Party/membership drive Dec. 6 at the Flying Saddle; Andy Flower, Kim Harrington, Corky & Elawa Stetson, Larry & Linda Hooper, Larry & Melody Rosenwinkle, Larissa Main Justin Fritz, Floyd Jenkins & Amy Glasgow

Business members;
Melinda Rimini, Coffee Cabin & Logo Branders
Sharon Manley, Buckwild
1st Bank

Brian Littleton motioned to approve new members, Sparky second, all in favor. Motion passed. WELCOME New Members!!

Bob Strobel- update on getting TOR I.R.S. filings completed and up to date- TOR has not filed a Tax return since 2011. Club was inactive for a couple years and in 2013, there has been no income. Bob brought up that the club needs to elect a Treasurer. The job includes but not limited to getting the bills of the club paid and report at the meetings on the funds in bank account/update report. The bank account will need two signatures on all checks.

Kennis motioned to elect Melody Rosenwinkle as the new Treasurer. Brian Littleton second. All in favor, motion passed. Congratulations Melody! Melody Rosenwinkle is the new TOR Treasurer.

Brain Littleton-motioned – in the past, the club has hired an account to file the tax returns. Brian proposed to look into getting an accountant to file tax returns in future. Sparky second. All in favor, motion passed.

Christmas Party update – 9 new members! Cost of party to TOR $390.00 and brought in $700 in new memberships! A very successful party!

Brian Parks – Said it would be very helpful in getting new members and reminding folks of the TOR meetings by putting the meeting dates in the SVI under Calendar of Events.

Strobel read the Treasurer report – $3,010.45.
Currently there is money to be deposited, which will then bring up the balance in the account and will have an updated treasures report at the next meeting January 8, 2015, 6:00p.m. @ TOA Hall.

Brian Little motioned to adjourn the meeting, Sparky second. All in favor motioned passed. Meeting adjourned 7:06p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by; Tiphany Gayhart

Top of the Rockies
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PO Box 3172, Alpine, WY 83128

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